Enable the followers to realise their profit gained from AutocopyTrade instantly. Referred as PROFIT WITHDRAWAL in Metatrader4 terminal's history

  • Only applies to follower's TRADING ACCOUNT
  • Only applies when a profit positions closed
  • Only applies if the (profit + balance) is greater than NET DEPOSIT (total deposit - total withdrawal)
  • 100% automated, maintained by Mocaz Financial Markets Limited

Autowithdrawal on Macbook

Important Notes

Managers' PROFITS in their trading account will NOT be automatically withdraw to their AutocopyTrade Vault, because those profit are 100% theirs. The profit will stay in their TRADING ACCOUNT until they purposely transfer it to their MyVault for withdrawal or such.

Only Follower's PROFITS gained from AutocopyTrade feature will be automatically withdrawn to their AutocopyTrade Vault because there is AutocopyTrade PROFIT SHARING PROPORTION applies.

IMPORTANT: Please refrain from MIXING your manual trade account with your Follower / Slave trading account since the profit will be considered as AutocopyTrade profit as well, so Auto-Withdrawal and AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing proportion will applies. Feel free to create other trading account for the purpose.


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