AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing

Be mutually prospered with our very attractive AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing proportion applies to both Managers and Followers trading accounts. The Managers are now would harness extra profit gained compared to his previous trading income while helping the Followers start gaining money from Forex trading! Thanks to AutocopyTrade!

AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing

The Follower gained USD 1000 profit resulted from AutocopyTrade his Manager trading account from one single execution. 100% out of the Followers’ profit gained from Autocopy Trade will be distributed to:

  • 60% (USD 600) will be credited to Follower’s AutocopyTrade wallet.
  • 20% (USD 200) will be credited to Manager’s AutocopyTrade wallet.
  • 5% (USD 50) will be distributed as Profit Sharing Commission to Followers affiliate network (limited to 3 upper level).
  • 15% (USD 150) Mocaz’s service charges on AutocopyTrade features and maintenance.

IMPORTANT: Please refrain from MIXING your manual trade account with your Follower / Slave trading account since the profit will be considered as AutocopyTrade profit as well, so Auto-Withdrawal and AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing proportion will applies. Feel free to create other trading account for the purpose.

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