How to become a Brilliant Manager

Mocaz Financial Markets Limited offers an equal opportunity to its clients either to become a Manager or Follower, or both at a same time! All you need to do is to open a Wallet with us and start trading using our platforms. You are allow to open more than one trading accounts using the same wallet without any charges applies.

There are some reasons why you should be a Manager:
  • To help others gain profit from Forex Trading as you do, and in the same time;
  • Increase your income from Forex Trading which gained from AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing proportion between Managers and Followers and your networks build

Here how its works!

Once you already started trading with us, your trading accounts' performance and statistic will be displayed to all other clients in the Real- Trader Community (RTC) menu. Here, you will be ranked depends on your trading performance for that particular time period, so other traders could evaluate and monitor your trading's expertise and experience before they decide either to AutocopyTrade your trading accounts or not.

1. Trader Ranking

Given there is someone who thought that your trading capabilities are best suit his trading's risk and reward tolerance and then decided to AutocopyTrade your trading account, so that is it, you are now has become a Manager!

From now onward, both of the trading accounts (yours and your follower's) are entitled for the AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing and the AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing Commission until your follower purposely stop AutocopyTrade you. It is easy and lucrative without you actually doing anything at all, all you need to do is trading as usually you did previously.

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2. Register SmartVault

Register your SmartVault and create your trading account

3. akhlakean

Start your trading and prove your trading capabilities to others through the performance and statistic history

4. businessman money


That's all needed! This is a very lucrative and wide open opportunity to grab by all traders worldwide to grow their trading income, harnessed from Mocaz's GREATEST AutocopyTrade feature!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Basic Micro Trading Account are not permissible for AutocopyTrade function
  • Basic Mini Trading Account are not permissible to become a Manager Account
  • Minimum deposit amount of USD 1000 is needed to allow the specified Trading Account to become a Manager (Master Account)
  • A Manager (Master Account) cannot AutocopyTrade others Trading Accounts, if you wish to AutocopyTrade others, feel free to create a new trading account for the purpose
  • One Master Account could be AutocopyTrade by unlimited number of Followers (Slave Account)

Hantu Jepon

Register now and build your own performance in our RealTrader Community

Current Trader Ranking

Let your consistent performance reflect in our RealTrader Community ranking.

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