How to become a Successful Follower

Mocaz Financial Markets Limited offers an equal opportunity to its clients either to become a Manager or Follower, or both at a same time! All you need to do is to open a Wallet with us and start trading using our platforms. You are allow to open more than one trading accounts using the same wallet without any charges applies.

There are some reasons why you should be a Follower:
  • To gain much more profit from Forex Trading as experts do
  • To diversify your Forex investment portfolio instead of trading by yourself, alone
  • To learn how the expert and proven profitable forex traders do their trading
  • To harness from types of Profit Sharing proportion which will be gained from AutocopyTrade feature

Reasons above shows why all of Forex traders worldwide should become a Follower although they are already an expert. Do not put all eggs in one basket, start diversifying your Forex investment funds using our AutocopyTrade system.

Once you already started trading with us, your trading accounts' performance and statistic will be displayed to all other clients in the Real- Trader Community (RTC) menu. Here, you will be ranked depends on your trading performance for that particular time period, so other traders could evaluate and monitor your trading's expertise and experience before they decide either to AutocopyTrade your trading accounts or not.

1. akhlakean

Lets do it! Start searching any proven profitable and consistent traders which may best suit your trading preference, risks and rewards tolerance from massive of option in the RealTrader Community (RTC) menu.

Here, the best top 10 profitable traders at a particular time will be shown in our Top Performance Table, while the rest could be found in Traders Ranking menu.

You are provided with a details of all traders’ performance and statistic history, to enable you carefully evaluating and monitoring their current/ previous trading achievement before deciding to AutocopyTrade their trading account.

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2. Register SmartVault

Register your SmartVault and create your trading account. Search, Monitor and Evaluate those proven profitable and consistent traders which may best suit your trading preference, risks and rewards tolerance

3. AT Setting Moniter

Decide either to apply AUTOSCALE/ FULL/FIXED/or DYNAMIC trading tolerance option

4. Entra Income


From now onward, both of the trading accounts (yours and your Manager’s) are entitled for the AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing and the AutocopyTrade Profit Sharing Commission until you purposely stop AutocopyTrade him. It is easy and mutually beneficial.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Basic Micro Trading Account are not permissible for AutocopyTrade function
  • Only Basic Mini Trading Account is permissible for Follower Account
  • As for promotion, minimum deposit amount of USD 100 is needed to allow the specified Trading Account to become a Follower (Slave Account).
  • One Follower trading account (Slave Account) cannot AutocopyTrade 2 Managers from the same account, if you wish to AutocopyTrade other Manager, feel free to create a new Trading Account for the purpose
  • The Slave Account cannot be AutocopyTrade by others
  • Followers are able to manually open/close/modify the positions in their Slave trading account.
  • Trade partially close by Manager is not covered by the system (the position will not be auto-close)

5. fienfx

Register now and build your own performance in our RealTrader Community

6 Trader Ranking

 Diversify your investment portfolio and start AutocopyTrade our Manager. Sit back and watch them trade on your behalf.

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