Our Instruments

Mocaz Financial Markets Limited stream prices on 72 different currency pairs , 13 indices and 5 commodities on all of our trading platforms.

Below is a list of available currency pairs, indices and commodities. If you cannot see all of these pairs in your MetaTrader 4 trading platform, simply right click in the 'Market Watch' window and select 'Show All'.

Currencies Pair
1 AUDCAD (Australian Dollar Canadian Dollar) 37 GBPJPY (British Pound Sterling Japanese Yen)
2 AUDCHF (Australian Dollar Swiss Franc) 38 GBPNOK (British Pound Sterling Norwegian Krone)
3 AUDHUF (Australian Dollar Hungarian Forint) 39 GBPNZD (British Pound Sterling New Zealand Dollar)
4 AUDJPY (Australian Dollar Japanese Yen) 40 GBPPLN (British Pound Sterling Polish Zloty)
5 AUDNOK (Australian Dollar Norwegian Krone) 41 GBPSEK (British Pound Sterling Swedish Krona)
6 AUDNZD (Australian Dollar New Zealand Dollar) 42 GBPTRY (British Pound Sterling Turkish Lira)
7 AUDSEK (Australian Dollar Swedish Krona) 43 GBPUSD (British Pound Sterling US Dollar)
8 AUDUSD (Australian Dollar US Dollar) 44 GBPZAR (British Pound Sterling South African Rand)
9 CADCHF (Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc) 45 HKDJPY (Hong Kong Dollar Japanese Yen)
10 CADJPY (Canadian Dollar Japanese Yen) 46 NOKJPY (Norwegian Krone Japanese Yen)
11 CHFHUF (Swiss Franc Hungarian Forint) 47 NOKSEK (Norwegian Krone Swedish Krona)
12 CHFJPY (Swiss Franc Japanese Yen) 48 NZDCAD (New Zealand Dollar Canadian Dollar)
13 CHFNOK (Swiss Franc Norwegian Krone) 49 NZDCHF (New Zealand Dollar Swiss Franc)
14 CHFPLN (Swiss Franc Polish Zloty) 50 NZDHUF (New Zealand Dollar Hungarian Forint)
15 EURAUD (Euro Australian Dollar) 51 NZDJPY (New Zealand Dollar Japanese Yen)
16 EURCAD (Euro Canadian Dollar) 52 NZDUSD (New Zealand Dollar US Dollar)
17 EURCHF (Euro Swiss Franc) 53 SGDJPY (Singapore Dollar Japanese Yen)
18 EURCZK (Euro Czech Koruna) 54 TRYJPY (Turkish Lira Japanese Yen)
19 EURDKK (Euro Danish Krone) 55 USDCAD (US Dollar Canadian Dollar)
20 EURGBP (Euro British Pound) 56 USDCHF (US Dollar Swiss Franc)
21 EURHUF (Euro Hungarian Forint) 57 USDCNH (US Dollar Chinese Offshore Yuan)
22 EURILS (Euro Israeli Sheqel) 58 USDDKK (US Dollar Danish Krone)
23 EURJPY (Euro Japanese Yen) 59 USDHKD (US Dollar Hong Kong Dollar)
24 EURMXN (Euro Mexican Peso) 60 USDHUF (US Dollar Hungarian Forint)
25 EURNOK (Euro Norwegian Krone) 61 USDILS (US Dollar Israeli Sheqel)
26 EURNZD (Euro New Zealand Dolla) 62 USDJPY (US Dollar Japanese Yen)
27 EURPLN (Euro Polish Zloty) 63 USDMXN (US Dollar Mexican Peso)
28 EURSEK (Euro Swedish Krona) 64 USDNOK (US Dollar Norwegian Krone)
29 EURTRY (Euro Turkish Lira) 65 USDPLN (US Dollar Polish Zloty)
30 EURUSD (Euro US Dollar) 66 USDRUB (US Dollar Russian Ruble)
31 EURZAR (Euro South African Rand) 67 USDSEK (US Dollar Swedish Krona)
32 GBPAUD (British Pound Sterling Australian Dollar) 68 USDSGD (US Dollar Singapore Dollar)
33 GBPCAD (British Pound Sterling Canadian Dollar) 69 USDTHB (US Dollar Thai Baht)
34 GBPCHF (British Pound Sterling Swiss Franc) 70 USDTRY (US Dollar Turkish Lira)
35 GBPDKK (British Pound Sterling Danish Krone) 71 USDZAR (US Dollar South African Rand)
36 GBPHUF (British Pound Sterling Hungarian Forint) 72 ZARTRY (South African Rand Turkish Lira)
Indices (Indices are available at all trading account types except for Basic Micro)
1 100GBP (FTSE 100) 8 H33HKD (Hang Seng)
2 200AUD (S&P/ASX 200) 9 I40EUR (S&P/MIB)
3 225JPY (Nikkei 225) 10 NASUSD (Nasdaq 100)
4 E50EUR (EU Stoxx 50) 11 SPXUSD (S&P 500)
5 E35EUR (IBEX 35) 12 U30USD (Dow Jones Industrial Average)
6 D30EUR (DAX 30) 13 Z30CHF (Swiss Markets Index)
7 F40EUR (CAC 40)      
1 XAGUSD (Silver vs US Dollar ) 4 XPTUSD (Platinum vs U.S. Dollar )
2 XAUUSD (Gold vs US Dollar ) 5 UKOUSD (Brent Crude Oil )
3 XPDUSD (Palladium vs US Dollar )      




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